Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fun and fairly accurate way to test quality of photos

Granted, it's a little bit gimmicky. And, from time to time, it's way off. But this little photo review app from Everypixel is a lot of fun and not a bad tool. Still in its beta phase, it uses algorithms that simulate our brains neural network (giant grain of salt) to judge the quality of photos. It's intended to help people who are wading through countless stock photos.

I see another potentially useful application for this tool: it could help creative people defend their choices of photos to higher ups. In a field where subjectivity reigns, it could help make the case pro or against specific photographs. I suspect business-types would overvalue its validity, but that could work to the creative person's advantage!

At any rate, it's free and its fun. So, go ahead, put some photos to the test!
Aesthetics test for photos link.

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